August 19th, 2014

Wtg, Missouri, thnx. Goodnight.

It even sounds insane & unsafe.

Adalimumab. Seriously? How do they come up with some of these names? Blagarhpanishivuz.

Something I’ve a need of: The complete series of Batman Beyond..Well rly everyone who’s seen all eps does technically.

Nope, no Selina Kyle thighs for you. You get Bruce Wayne’s schweaty pits. XD Goodnight hench.

August 18th, 2014

To do it in a silvery moonlight or a cool spring rain.

& someone @ DC said ‘Let there be Harleen Frances Quinzel’…& it was hot.

…Mistah J.

For fuck’s sake you’d think it’s a horribly challenging concept to not kill or threaten people with bodily harm. Fucking humanity..>_>

August 17th, 2014

Front door. ;p Always.

Yeah I don’t think Kubo’s likely going to acknowlege any further ships. Any further than already anyway. ‘Keep everyone guessing.

Oh shit. XD This show. X3 Somehow I forgot this show.

1st time he sees her, Kamina gets a gooood long look @ her ass. Then gets an even longer look @ her ass. X3